Bet or Beyt Dwaraka

Bet Dwaraka is located at 475 km west of Ahmedabad. Also pronounced as Beyt Dwaraka, it is a small island situated 3 km off the coast of Okha, at mouth of the Gulf of Kutch, Gujarath.

It is also known by the name Shankodhar as this island is a source of Conch shells (Shank). During Mahabharatha period, this place was referred as "Antardvipa".

Bet Dwaraka is believed to be the residence of Lord Krishna during his early Childhood life, who moved to Dwaraka later. This is the place where Lord Krishna received rice as gift from his bosom pal Sudama and hence this place is known as Bet (gift) Dwaraka. Sudama is better known as Kuchela in Tamilnadu. कुचेल in Sanskrit means a person wearing dirty or tattered garments.

Myth or True? : It is believed that a major part of the Bet Dwarka land is now drowned into the sea. A protection wall, nearly half a kilometer length (580 mtr) which dates back to 1500 BC, has been discovered by Marine Archaeology Centre. Also, other excavated artifacts such as remains of wrecked ships, shows the trade connection with Roman empire. All these findings reveal the claim of Bet Dwaraka is not just myth but true.

Commutation : From Okha Boat Jetty, it is just 20 min ride by boat to the island. Sri Keshavrai ji Temple is the main temple here. The temple is about 20 min walk and it is slightly elevated from MSL. Wheeled carts will be available for those who have problem in walking. It is a paid service but much cheaper.

The Temple is nearly 500 years old and said to stand over the residence of Lord Krishna. The Idol at the temple is believed to be established by Rukmini Devi, the queen of Lord Krishna. The idol resembles with the idol at Dwarakadheesh temple. Rice is offered to the temple in the reminiscence of Sudama, who offered rice as gift to his friend Lord Krishna.

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