Dwaraka is located approximately 30 km from Bet Dwaraka and 230 km Northwest of Somnath. The main temple here is Dwarakadhish Mandir. It is also known as Jagat Mandir meaning Universal Shrine.

Lord Krishna is worshipped in the name of Dwarakadhish here. Built at the creek of river Gomti, this 2500 years old temple is believed to be constructed by Vajranabh, the grand son of Lord Krishna, over the residential palace of Lord Krishna.

Dwaraka is one of the Char Dhams (meaning Four abodes), the other 3 being Rameshwaram (South), Badrinaht (North) and Puri(East). For every Hindus, visiting Char Dham once in life time is considered to be highly sacred. Dwaraka is also one of the Divya Desam for Vaishnavites.

There are two entrances that lead to the Shrine, one from the South and another one from the East. The South entrance is the main entrance (shown above). Most of the devotees enter through the South entrance. The East entrance leads to the Shrine from Gomti river creek. Traditionally, we should go to river Gomti first, cleanse our feet and then enter the shrine (shown below).

Electronic gadges are not allowed inside the temple and they can left at the Safe keeping centre, provided near the South entrance. Security Police posted at the East entrance will frisk the devotees for electronic gadges and will be advised to leave them at the Safe keeping centre, available near the South Entrance.

East Entrace and River Gomti

Outside the South entrance, there will be photographers to shoot photo of the Devotee(s) with the temple in the background. They will also shoot a magical photo, for individual, in which we need to keep the palm as instructed by them. When the camera is clicked there will nothing in the palm but when printed it will show the Idol of Lord Krishna. The photo will be printed and delivered in just 15 min. So, don't miss it !!

Magical Photo with Lord Krishna idol in the palm

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