Rukmini Devi Temple

Rukmini Devi (Lord Krishna's chief queen) Temple is located just outside of Dwaraka, at about a distance of 2 km. This temple belongs to 12th century. There is an interesting legend which will be narrated by the Temple Priest to all visiting devotees, in batches.

Legend : Lord Krishna and Rukmini pulled a chariot taking Durvasa Rishi to their home for dinner. On the way, Rukmin felt thirsty and Lord Krishna quenched her thirsty by prodding the ground with his toe and drawing "Ganga Jal".

Rishi Durvasa, known for his temperament and bestowing curses, felt insulted as Rukmini did not ask his permission for stopping the chariot and also not having the courtesy to offer him water. So, he cursed them to stay separated and also no "Freshwater" will be available in and out Dwaraka.

Just outside the temple, you can see people feeding green "Spinach" to cows. The moment the cows see someone buying the spinach from the vendor, they will rush towards the person and take the spinach deliberately. So, better be watchful, if you are going to offer spinach to the cows, though the cows are harmless.

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