We welcome you with Namaste to Sourashtrians Sri Somnath Yathraa!!

Somnath, located in the west coast of Gujarat, is a holy place where every Hindus should imprint their visit to fullfill their religious duty. And, Gujarat is homeland of National Leaders and renowned emperors of Business legends.

People travel for various reasons such as Business, Education, Research, Vacation, Pilgrim, Pleasure and so on. But, Sourashtrian Somnath Yathraa has a Unique purpose.

The main objective of this tour is to visit the Somnath Temple from where we, the Sourashtrians, were forced to migrate en-masse to South of India around the start of 14th Century. As of 2019, it is 707 years since we left Somanath.

This mass migration, popularly known as "Sourashtra Vijayaptham", is still remembered by most of us and also this "Era" is referred in our Soutrashtrian traditional marriage invitation.

So, it is quite natural for every Sourashtrians to have a dream of visiting Somnath Temple, at least once in their life-time. And, the Team behind this "Sourashtrians Sri Somnath Yathraa" have vowed to fulfill their / your dream.

As part of this program, we, the Team loaded with Nationalistic thoughts, visit Sabarmathi Ashram of Mahathma Gandhi, Nishkalank Mahadav Temple, Somnath Temple, Dwarakesh Temple and also Statue of Unity of Sardar Vallabhai Patel Ji. We conduct the tours in every Feb, April, August, Oct, Sep and Dec., with a group of 20 to 35 people in each trip. It is a 6 Days / 5 Night or 8D / 7N or 10D / 9N like programs to suite your taste and need. The team has helped in fulfilling the dream of more than 250 Sourashtrians and others so far.

So, if you have a dream of worshipping Lord Siva at Somnath Temple, and Salute our National Leaders in Gujarath, you are at the right place. Contact us to imprint your visit to holy places.

Organizing Committee
Sourashtrian Sri Somnath Yathraa

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